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Staff: Maggie Franklin-Hare

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  • ACRYLIC EXTENSIONS: PInk and White $75
    Sculpted on forms (not tips) for a customized fit to your natural nails. Available in a variety of shades of pink and white to suit your personal taste. Careful application process to avoid damage to the natural nail.  
    Starting at $75.00 for acrylic full set with one color glitter-- additional elements at additional cost. Glitter, Mylar, Foil, Fimo and More! Embedded directly into the acrylic. Built-in "Bling" that won't chip or wear off, plus no extra time spent waiting for your nails to dry.
    Exceptional color clarity, adhesion, and shine. Must be cured with UV light, hypoallergenic product is non-damaging to the natural nail. 

    Hard Gel over natural nails. No length added. Includes gel polish.
    Glitter embedded in hard gel. No length added. Flat pricing does not include rhinestones or additional design elements. 
  • ARCYLIC- basic fill $40
    Standard maintenance for acrylic nails. Fills new growth at cuticle, shorten, and return tips to proper shape. Finish with choice of gel polish. Nail art and rhinestones not included. 
  • ACRYLIC BACK FILL-- French fill $50
    Maintains French style by restoring grown out smile lines. Includes standard fill and rebalance. Pink & White or Rockstar-- includes one color only. Nail art, rhinestones, and other elements at additional charge.
  • GEL FILL $50
    Standard maintenance for hard gel extensions or overlays. Single color hard gel with choice of gel polish. Does not include glitter, nail art, rhinestones, or other elements.
    It's actually just a rockstar gel overlay again. Whether you change your color, add a new one, or keep the same, the process for properly maintaining gel overlays requires completely overlaying the nail with new gel after filing and shaping to restore balance, return proper shape to the tips, and prevent product from building up and becoming bulky.

    Rhinestones and additional design elements not included in price.
    Single color with choice of polish or pink and white. No length added. 
  • GEL TOES $50
    No length added. Choice of polish or pink and white.
    Glitter embedded in hard gel overlays. 
    Traditional service to shape nails and care for cuticles. Finished with choice of gel polish. 
    Traditional service to keep your feet sandal ready, finished with choice of gel or traditional polish. 
  • For Michelle ;-)
    Extra long appointment time allows for full tip change outs on long nails, 3D nail art, or hand painted work on multiple nails. Book it if it's named after you! Or if this description applies.
    Need 4 or more nails encrusted in carefully-placed jewels and charms? Give me enough time to do it right! Add this to your regular service so we don't run out of time! 

    Price STARTS AT $20 and will vary depending on stones and charms used.

    $10 basic when added to service hourly rate of $40 for specialty and custom designs or a la carte Most nail art that I do is easily added on within the amount of time allowed for each service, but with the resurgence in popularity of genuine, hand-painted nail art, more and more clients are requesting specialized designs that require advance notice and extra time. I enjoy these challenges and am eager to customize your nails to any outfit or occasion, and I appreciate your understanding that many designs simply cannot be accomplished without making advance arrangements for the additional time.
  • TIME